Tips for Keeping Raccoons Away from Your Trash

Raccoons may look cute with their black fur masks and fuzzy bodies, but their visible cuteness hides the fact that they can be a real nuisance. Homeowners who live in neighborhoods with a large raccoon population know that they can steal from a home garden, get into the attic, dig through the trash and cause other problems. Fortunately, homeowners can do much to deter the raccoons, particularly when it comes to keeping them out of the trash. A few simple, low-cost preventative measures can teach you how to keep raccoons away from trash.

Secure the Can Lid

An open garbage can is far more inviting to a raccoon than one with a secured lid. So, your first step is to make sure that your garbage cans have lids that fit well. Raccoons are smart, however, and they can often get into even those cans that have tight-fitting lids. Securing the lid with bungee cords that are hooked onto a handle can improve trash can lid security and keep the raccoons from getting into your garbage.

Take Out the Trash in the Morning

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and do most of their foraging for food at night. Waiting to put the garbage out until the morning of the day it is collected keeps the garbage away from the raccoons when they are most likely to be out and about.

Reduce the Odor of Your Trash

Raccoons are attracted to garbage by its strong odors, so anything you can do to lessen the pungency of your trash will serve as a deterrent to these animals. Garbage that has a particularly strong odor should be double-bagged. Many experts also recommend washing the garbage can every few weeks.

Apply an Animal Repellent

Using a chemical repellent designed specifically to keep raccoons away can do wonders for keeping your garbage safe from these creatures. The repellent should be applied in the general area where you keep your outdoor garbage cans and even slightly beyond the area in order to convince the raccoons to keep their distance.

Store Garbage Cans Indoors

If you can keep your outdoor garbage cans inside a structure, you will have an extra layer of defense against raccoon intrusion. Many homeowners choose to keep their garbage cans inside their garage or shed until the day of pickup. Raccoons have a much harder time getting into a locked structure than they do getting into exposed garbage cans.

Even after all of these precautions, you may find that you cannot keep raccoons away from your trash. We can help you solve your raccoon problem and keep these animals out of your hair—and your trash. Contact F&W Pest Control today to learn how we can help you with your raccoon or other pest problem.

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