Top 10 Things To Consider For Mice Removal In Braintree, Massachusetts

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Top 10 Things to Consider for Mice Removal in Braintree, Massachusetts

There’s nothing more annoying or less inviting than a household infestation of mice. Not only can these pests be destructive to property but their presence can be a source of stress and anxiety as well. But did you know that the town of Braintree, Massachusetts has some of the most effective natural solutions for getting rid of mice, all without relying on pesticides?

Whether you’re a home or business owner, F&W Pest Control is here to help. We offer a broad range of Massachusetts pest control services, including residential, commercial, and industrial offerings. We provide an integrated pest control management (IPM) approach to achieve the highest level of pest removal with minimal use of pesticides.

Keep reading to learn about our top 10 tips for getting rid of mice in Braintree, Massachusetts without relying on synthetic chemicals.

1. Exclusion: Sealing and Plugging

First and foremost, a critical part of removing mice from your home or business is to prevent them from coming back. To that end, exclusion is an important part of any mouse removal effort. If you notice any entry points that may be providing a point of access for mice, be sure to seal them accordingly. Along with sealing gaps between doors and around windows, make sure you’re also plugging out any potential pathways along the foundation of your building, the roofline, and other key entry areas like power outlets.

2. Keep Your Home Clean

Perhaps one of the simplest and most effective ways to discourage mice from entering your property is to make sure your home or business is adequately and regularly cleaned. Not only is a spotless home and work space more visually appealing, it’s also less attractive to mice given their aversion to strong odors and open fields of vision.

3. Set Up Mouse Traps

It’s not enough to just keep your home and work place clean and well-maintained. To help ensure your mouse problem is taken care of once and for all, it’s a good idea to install some traps around the property. Snap and electronic traps are essential for any Braintree mouse removal operation, and can be an effective tool for keeping the mice population at bay.

4. Keep Pet Food Contained

Whether inside or outside, pet food is one of the sharper smells that attract mice, so make sure it’s kept in a sealed, mouse-proof container. Keep pet food dishes inside, and don’t forget to move outdoor pet dishes in at night so the smell of food doesn’t draw rodents closer.

5. Use Peppermint Oil

A natural rodent repellent, peppermint oil is one of the more affordable and natural methods available for removing mice from your Braintree home. Place several drops of oil on cotton balls and put them into an area where mice predominantly congregate. The smell of peppermint is an unwelcome one for most mice, as it’s too overpowering for them to bear.

6. Choose Natural Mice Repellents

Along with peppermint oil, other natural mouse repellents, such as cayenne pepper, can be used as an additional tool in your Braintree pest-proofing arsenal. Sprinkling cayenne pepper in areas of rodent habitat, such as crawl spaces, can be a great way to deter mice from frequenting your property.

7. Focus on Garbage Management

One of the most attractive elements of any property for mice is often the smell of food emanating from outdoor or inadequately sealed garbage bins. Be sure to keep garbage cans tightly sealed all the time, and ensure there are no signs of food particles or compost leaking out of bins on the property.

8. Install Decoys

While not a foolproof solution, installing decoys and predators around the property has been known to help ward off mice. Along with good lighting and strategic positioning of items, you can make your property less attractive to wandering rodents.

9. Inspect The Building Exterior

Inspecting the building exterior is also a essential part of any Braintree rodent-proofing strategy. Make sure you know the common pathways masses of mice travel along, then locate any potential points of ingress and close them off accordingly.

10. Seek Professional Help

If you’re still having trouble moving the mice from your property don’t hesitate to call on the experts at F&W Pest Control. We offer a comprehensive suite of services for pest control in Massachusetts, including live trapping, bird control services, and effective nuisance wildlife solutions.

At F&W, our integrated pest management approach (IPM) offers the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY solution. Trust our expert exterminators to help you get rid of your mouse problem this season. Get a free quote to start debugging your space today.

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