Top 10 Things To Consider When Dealing With Rat Infestations In Braintree, MA

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Rats can be a big problem, particularly in Braintree, MA. With its combination of dense warehouses and small homes, the town represents an ideal habitat for rodents. Although it might seem easy to get rid of them on your own, this is not a task to be taken lightly. From the potential health risks, to the cost and effort involved in their removal, there are a number of factors to consider before taking the plunge. Here is a list of the top 10 things you ought to bear in mind when dealing with rat infestations in Braintree, MA.

1. Know the different Types of Rats: A first step in any successful rat control program is to understand the different types of rodents which can be found in Braintree. The most common is the Norway or roof rat, which is about 8-12″ in length and is gray-brown in colour. The other species found in the area is the wood or field rat which is smaller at 6-8″ in length and has reddish-brown fur.

2. Understand the Health Risks: Rats can carry a number of serious diseases, including Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, and Rat-Bite Fever. Even if the rodents don’t pose an immediate health threat to those in the vicinity, they can still spread diseases among one another, which can cause an outbreak.

3. Identify any possible Entry Points: Rats are very good at finding their way into a building, so it’s important to identify any potential entry points in advance of trying to get rid of them. This can include cracks in the walls or floors, holes around windows and doors, or gaps underneath utility lines.

4. Use baits and traps: Baits and traps can be used to capture rats and prevent them from entering your property. It’s important to use humane traps which ensure that the rodents are dealt with directly and not killed or harmed.

5. Take the DIY route: If you’re not confident dealing with the infestation yourself, you can always call in a professional exterminator. However, if you choose to tackle the problem yourself, make sure you adhere to safety protocols and apply pest control products with care.

6. Regularly dispose of garbage: Garbage is one of the main sources of food for rats, so wherever possible, try to keep rubbish bags, garbage bins and other containers tightly sealed and stored away from other areas of the house.

7. Clean up standing water: Standing water is also attractive to rats, so make sure you clean any standing water around your property, such as in gutters, puddles, or drainage systems.

8. Make your building rat-proof: Rats can squeeze their way through small crevices. To prevent them from getting into your property, make sure you fill in any hole or opening in your walls, doors, or windows.

9. Use electronic rat repellents: Electronic rat repellents emit a high-frequency sound which is unpleasant to the rodents and will cause them to move away from the area. This is a particularly effective way to keep rats away over the long-term.

10. Use F&W pest control: If you’re concerned about a rat infestation in Braintree, MA, then you should consider F&W pest control for reliable and effective rodent control. With their integrated pest management approach (IPM), they guarantee a professional quality service with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach. Get a free quote now to start debugging your space and take back the peace of mind you deserve.

Rats can pose a serious risk to both individuals and businesses and can be a major source of discomfort. As such, measures should be taken to prevent them from entering a space and, if they do, to effectively remove them. Fortunately, Braintree, MA has a number of options when it comes to dealing with rats and other pests. By following the 10 tips outlined above, you can ensure that any rat infestation is dealt with quickly and effectively, giving you back the peace of mind you deserve.

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