Understanding The Rat Boston – A Homeowner’s Guide To Dealing With Infestation

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Battling a rat infestation is a daunting task for any homeowner. Rats, and in particular the rat known as the homo sapiens of the rodent family, the Brown Rat or better known as the ?rat boston?, can cause a slew of problems, including damaged property, contamination of food, and a dangerous byproduct of diseases. Fortunately, there are preventive methods and treatments available to tackle infestations, especially in Burlington, Massachusetts, but it’s important to understand the nature and lifestyle of the rat boston in order to effectively address the problem.

Understanding Rat Boston Infestations

Rats reproduce quickly, so when a rat boston infestation does set up shop, it’s important to act fast. It only takes a few weeks for rats to reach reproductive maturity, after which time a female rat can have up to 12 little litters each year with eight to 12 babies in each. That means a rat family can easily grow into one with more than 100 members in as little as four months. This rapid breeding rate combined with their scavenger habits makes them an especially successful and difficult animal to eradicate.

Due to their highly adaptive nature, rat bostons often establish nests and feeding grounds in urban and suburban environments. Signs of rat boston infestations can easily be identified by their claw and gnaw marks on furniture, wiring, paneling, baseboards, walls or ceilings, and other wood materials. It’s also important to note that while rat bostons will utilize any food source they can find, they also have an aversion to bright light, so an increase in nighttime activity in attics, basements or other dark areas is a dead giveaway of a potential infestation.

Effective Treatment Options

The idea of rats breeding in one’s home is naturally quite frightening. The good news, however, is that infestations can be treated and in some cases prevented altogether.

The most effective preventive measure is trapping. By strategically placing traps in areas of the home where rat bostons are believed to have access, homeowners can quickly and easily capture them and keep their numbers at bay. However, any trapped rat should be handled carefully and released into an outdoor area far away from the home.

Exterior treatments are also effective, but vary between expected results, such as killing the rat bostons on contact, and long-term results that keep them from re-entering. Bait stations and repellants are some of the most common exterior treatments that are used, with the former being especially effective at eliminating nests and the latter being the most cost effective and eco-friendly option.

If a resident of Burlington, Mass., does find himself dealing with a rat boston infestation, F&W Pest Control is the area’s premier choice for residential pest control services. With its integrated pest management approach, F&W can provide a safe, effective and affordable way to rid the home of these unwanted visitors. F&W’s IPM approach also provides the professional quality of an exterminator’s service with the eco-friendly results of a DIY approach, giving residents the peace of mind they deserve.


The rat boston is a particularly persistent pest in the area of Burlington, Massachusetts, but with a comprehensive plan and the help of a certified exterminator, the problem can be quickly and effectively addressed. By understanding the rat boston’s habits and using a combination of traps and exterior treatments, homeowners can effectively combat an infestation and keep their families safe. With more than 100 years of experience and a commitment to eliminating pests and providing peace of mind, F&W Pest Control is the go-to choice for all of your residential pest needs. Get a free quote today and experience the difference quality pest control can make.

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