Understanding Winter Habits Of Camel Crickets

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When a home has a camel cricket infestation, it is important to understand these critters? behavior, especially in winter. Does the camel cricket stay active in winter, or do they die? Do they seek warmth? Do they hibernate? These commonly asked questions may be answered by learning more about the habits of the camel cricket and what home owners in Sterling, Massachusetts can do to take preventative measures and eliminate the infestation.

Camel crickets are an invader to many homes throughout the United States, from Virginia to Maine. Homeowners in the Northeast may be familiar with the sighting of these small, cricket-like creatures. These crickets, while appearing to be harmless, may actually pose a threat to food, clothing, furniture, and wallpapers. Therefore, it is important to understand how this species behaves in Sterling, Massachusetts and what the homeowner can do to protect their home from a possible infestation.

What is a Camel Cricket?

Camel crickets are actually a type of cave cricket known for their long curved backs. They are typical found in moist, dark areas like basements, sheds, and garages. They are also found outdoors in areas of dense vegetation, such as shrubs and weeds. They have been known to feed on plant materials, fungi, and dead animals. Camel crickets will also feed on fabric and other materials left in moist, understaffed areas.

Do Camel Crickets Die in Winter?

Camel crickets will die off in the cold winter months due to their lack of activity, however, some have been known to hibernate in warm, protected areas like basements and garages. The winter weather will often cause the camel cricket to become less active due to the cold temperatures and lack of food. On warm days, the camel cricket may be active, however, they will typically return to their hideaways once winter temperatures drop once again.

What Should Homeowners in Sterling Do to Get Rid of a Camel Cricket Infestation?

Homeowners in Sterling, Massachusetts can take actionable steps to prevent a camel cricket infestation. First, it is important to check for entry points like broken windows, doors, and screens. If any of these points are spotted, they should be remedied as soon as possible. Keeping the home dry is also a great preventative step, including making sure that all exposed pipes are in good condition. Additionally, eliminating any potential food sources from the home will help eliminate the chance of an infestation. Homeowners are also encouraged to contact a professional pest control service to address their situation.

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Pest Control Near Me

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