What Home Owners Should Know About Flying Ants In The Pool In Sterling, MA

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For those who live in Sterling, Massachusetts and many other places across the country, summer means much more than just spending time outside. It also means the potential for pesky pests like flying ants to infest your pool. With recent reports of a larger-than-normal infestation in the Sterling area, it’s important to be aware of these pests and of how to prevent and eliminate an infestation before it gets out of hand. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about flying ants in the pool, and our answers to help you protect your pool this summer.

What are Flying Ants?

Flying ants are really just a few of the many types of ants that have wings and are capable of flying. These ants, also referred to as alates, are mostly reproductive ants that are sexually mature and ready to mate and begin their own colonies. While their ability to fly makes them more capable of colonizing new places, they generally forgo this opportunity, preferring to remain close to where they were born.

Are Flying Ants Dangerous?

The short answer is no. Flying ants are a common pest and are generally harmless, although there are a few exceptions. Some species of flying ants do bite or sting, which can be a potential hazard if you were to directly come into contact with them. However, the main issue with flying ants is not their bites or stings, but rather the mess they can leave behind. They tend to be attracted to pools of water, and if they manage to get into your pool, they will leave a layer of ants along the walls or on the floor. If not removed quickly, this layer of ants can become to large and disrupt the quality of the water in the pool and make swimming impossible.

What Can I Do to Prevent Flying Ants in My Pool?

The best way to prevent flying ants in your pool is to take steps to reduce the ants? access to your pool. Ants are drawn to water, so the best way to keep them out of your pool is to block them from getting to it. Make sure all cracks, crevices, and other potential entry points around your pool are tightly sealed so that the ants don’t have a chance to get in. Additionally, if you have water plants near your pool, make sure to keep them well watered so that they don’t draw the ants to the pool.

How Can I Get Rid of Flying Ants in My Pool?

If you do find yourself with an infestation of flying ants in your pool, you may want to take a two-pronged approach to getting rid of them. The first step is to remove the ants from the pool as quickly as possible. You can do this by scooping them out with a net or a vacuum, or you can use chemicals to kill them. If you are trying to get rid of the ants without chemicals, make sure to wear gloves when you remove them from the pool area.

Once you have removed the ants, the second step is to take preventative measures to make sure they don’t return. Take the steps mentioned earlier to block the ants from getting into your pool. Additionally, be sure to regularly check your pool chemistry and keep it balanced. Unbalanced chemistry can attract ants and other bugs.

What Kind of Professional Help Can I Get to Deal with Flying Ants?

If you find yourself with a particularly bad infestation of flying ants, or if you simply don’t have the time or resources to deal with them yourself, then you may want to contact a professional pest control service, such as F&W Pest Control. Located in Massachusetts, F&W offers a wide range of pest control services from general prevention to wildlife removal. They can assist you with getting rid of the flying ants in your pool as quickly and effectively as possible and set up plans for keeping any future infestations in check.


While dealing with flying ants in your pool may be an annoying task, it’s nothing to fear. Following the steps outlined above can help you prevent and eliminate an infestation of flying ants in your pool. If you need help, contact a professional like F&W Pest Control to take care of the problem effectively. So, don’t let the ants ruin your summer fun; get rid of them quickly and move on with your poolside activities.

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