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Why Your House Will Never Be 100 Percent Pest Free

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Most people will say that they want to have a house which is entirely clear of bugs, insects and any other uninvited forms of life. While pest control services can ensure that dangerous creatures such as termites, wasps and bed bugs stay away from your living spaces, experts are confident that no home is ever 100 percent clear of insects, spiders, mites and other pests.

What We Know

Studies have shown that that in every single house there are flies, beetles, ants, and spiders, and in nearly every home there are booklice, (tiny insects which feed on fungi and mold in areas with high humidity). They are found hiding under furniture, behind walls, in basements, on ceilings, and around shelves. Most of the places they reside in are not frequented by humans such as under floorboard and in radiators. They can live, breed, eat, die and reproduce, all without drawing any attention to themselves.

One type of insect often found in homes is called Gall Midges. These are flies which grow up to only 2 mm in length and live in plants. Although they mostly live outdoors around houses, they often accidentally wonder inside. Another type of pest which can be found, not only in everybody’s house but on everybody's face, is the pore mite or face mite. Microscopes show that no matter how clean you scrub yourself in the shower, all people have millions of face mites living on their bodies at any given time during the day.

While many may find this data psychologically disturbing, most of these creatures living in our homes are virtually harmless. Much of it is ‘air plankton,’ microscopic organisms that float aimlessly around. While bed bugs, termites, bees and ants can sting, bite, spread disease and destroy houses, most of the bugs found around the house have no negative impact at all.

Often, when biologists study houses for hidden insects, many of their findings are unknown species which have never been discovered before. This means that there is a good chance many people are living right alongside entirely unrecorded forms of life. No need to trot deep into the jungle or through the desert to research unexplored ecosystems. The next great frontier in science may be just under the rug.

F&W Pest Control

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