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It's hot in Boston during the summer, and the winters bring brutally cold winds, snow and ice to our city. No matter the weather or the season, pests continue to invade homes and businesses in our service area. Rodents, wildlife and pest insects do more than annoy everyone; they also contaminate food and can even transmit diseases to people. F&W Pest Control is here with services to help keep out unwanted pests on your property.

Residential Pest Control

Residents throughout Boston and the surrounding areas battle with pests on a regular basis. Whether it's mosquitoes in the summer or stinkbugs in the fall, there's always some kind of pest to deal with no matter if they infest the indoors or the outdoors. Some of the more common pests that invade homes in our service area include:

We provide residential pest control services to combat insects and rodents. Our PestGuard program includes treating your home quarterly with low-risk methods to keep out seasonal pests and to provide long-term control. We also have PestGuard Plus, an effective treatment program to protect your home from termites. These two combined services stop insects from raiding your home and causing problems throughout the year.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests not only invade homes in our service area; they also infest commercial properties. Retail stores, supermarkets and offices are just a few of the places where pests like to search for shelter and food. Some common commercial properties we offer pest control services to are:

These pests and others invade everything from food and beverage establishments to warehouses. They also infest multifamily housing units, schools and manufacturing facilities. No matter if you operate a grocery store or a real estate firm, we provide commercial pest control services for numerous businesses and properties in your area.

Our specialists conduct thorough inspections of your property and locate the pests where they live, breed and feed. Without commercial pest control, pest insects and rodents may cause damage to products or the overall structure of the building. We'll come in, evaluate the situation and get rid of the pests before their numbers increase and they cause even more problems.

Professional Boston Pest Control Services

You don't have to suffer through another season with pests in your home or business. Contact F&W Pest Control in Boston to get a free quote and to schedule service right away. When pests invade your property, it takes more than do-it-yourself pest control to remedy the problem. Our trained technicians will inspect for pests, identify the species and use the correct treatments to get rid of the pests and to keep them out for seasons to come.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

We also provide services in Providence County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Essex County, and Bristol County.


Call F&W for help with Pest Control, Termite Control, Bed Bug Elimination, or Wildlife problems at (888) 712-0429 or use our email form and contact us today!

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