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A diverse, well-educated population and a wealth of cultural opportunities have earned Brookline, MA, an excellent reputation. As the town where John F. Kennedy was born and raised, Brookline is home to a number of landmarks related to the beloved president. Two underground railroad stops, the country's oldest private outdoor sportsman's club, and the century-old headquarters of Central Park co-designer Frederick Law Olmsted's landscape architecture firm are just a few of the historic sites located here.

Brookline Pests

Brookline has a lot going for it, but no community is immune to pests. Cold winters and humid summers mean your property is especially susceptible to many types of seasonal invaders. That's why area property owners count on F&W Pest Control to keep their homes and businesses pest-free. We offer essential services ranging from termite inspections to wildlife control.

Residential Pest Control

From protecting your home from potential termite damage to eliminating cockroach infestations, we provide the services you need to protect your household from a wide range of pests. Whether you simply want to prevent future problems or need help with an existing infestation, you can depend on our team of knowledgeable technicians for thorough inspections and safe, effective treatments.

While some bugs and spiders are merely annoying invaders, others pose health and safety threats to you and your family. Cockroaches can trigger allergic and asthmatic attacks in those with respiratory problems. Bed bugs can cause skin irritation and minor allergic reactions, in addition to requiring their victims to get rid of carpet, furniture, woodwork and other infested household items.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses are equally vulnerable to pest problems. Besides posing risks to the health and well-being of employees, customers and visitors, pest infestations can damage your property and reputation. Whether via word of mouth, social media or published health department inspection reports, pest sightings can seriously impact your public image -- and your bottom line.

Roaches are notorious for spreading filth, and with good reason. They're responsible for contaminating food supplies at restaurants and other businesses. Deer mice are responsible for transmitting the potentially deadly hantavirus via their droppings. Both rats and mice have been known to start electrical fires by chewing on wiring. And bed bugs leave welts on unsuspecting guests or, worse yet, hitch a ride home with them in their luggage, purses, backpacks or briefcases.

Professional Pest Control in Brookline, MA

From keeping raccoons off your property to getting rid of ants, you need reliable pest prevention and treatments from a local company. F&W Pest Control helps keep homes and businesses in the area free of insects, spiders and rodents. Our well-trained technicians provide friendly service while protecting you from pests of all kinds. Contact us today for a free quote at your property in or near Brookline, MA.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

We also provide services in Suffolk County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Providence County, Middlesex County, Essex County, and Bristol County.


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