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Carpenter Bees Control

How To Get Rid Of Those Big Black Bees Hovering In Your Yard

Those larger than normal black bees you often see hovering around structures in your yard are usually carpenter bees looking for a favorable site to build their nest.

Carpenter bees will tunnel into wood in order to build a nest. Typical sites include wood siding, eaves, facia boards, window trim and wooden outdoor furniture.

Sometimes you will see sawdust outside beneath the entry hole.

They make a perfectly round hole around the size of a nickel and go in an inch or two and make a sharp turn and then they lay their eggs inside this tunnel they have built. They place a ball of pollen in the nest for the eggs to feed on and continue to bring new pollen back to the nest through the Spring and Summer.

Carpenter bees prefer wood that is unpainted or weathered. Wood with fresh paint or stain is less susceptible to their attack.

Our treatment for these bees is to fill the holes made the carpenter bees and treat the adjacent areas to prevent reinfestation. We also offer  preventive services around the entire wood trim of the house to keep carpenter bees from building nests in other parts of the wood structure, furniture etc.

We always recommend that all wood trim around the house be painted so that the wood is less susceptible to attack. After we treat existing holes we recommend waiting a week and then plugging the holes with wood filler.

We can treat both small problems of one or two holes as well as entire homes and other structures that need an extensive treatment..

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