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As a peaceful town that offers beautiful sights and an inviting atmosphere, Concord attracts a range of residents who are proud to call it home. Those who enjoy watching the seasons change throughout the year will be pleased with the climate, and you probably feel the same. Concord has a lot of appealing traits but is not without its fair share of downsides, and you will need to remain vigilant if you want to stay safe from the pests in the area.

General Pests

Although you can encounter different types of pests when you live in Concord, some are more common than others. Ants, mosquitoes and roaches can get into your home through small cracks and openings in your windows and the exterior wall of your home. Mosquitoes can bite and cause skin irritation, but they can also expose you to diseases. While some people can manage ant infestations with the right tools and a little luck, cockroaches are a challenge to eliminate. When pests decide to invade and you don't know what to do about it, you can count on F&W Pest Control to save the day. We specialize in helping homeowners and business professionals keep their properties free from pests and the problems that they cause.


Bedbugs are tiny insects that will be thrilled when they get the opportunity to enter your home or office. Once they get inside, they will create a nest near your mattress so that they will have access to a fresh meal at night. Bedbugs have flat bodies before they consume a blood meal and become round when they are full.


If you own a home or office complex, termites are the last thing that you will want to see when you care about your property. They will consume wooden support beams, walls and floors after they gain access to a building, causing structural damage along the way. Spotting termites during the early stages of an infestation is vital, so look for insects that have straight bodies and antennae. Some termites will enter your property in infested wood or by crawling under the ground, but swarmers can fly through your windows and will leave discarded wings behind.


Skunks, raccoons, and bats are some of the wildlife that you can expect unless you take steps to keep your property out of harm's way. Some of these pests will get into your home and cause damage, but they can also spread diseases if they bite or taint your food supply. Getting an outbreak under control as soon as possible is the key to avoiding additional harm and to preventing wildlife from spreading. They enjoy infesting residential and commercial areas because they will always have plenty of food, so keeping your garbage sealed can reduce the risk.

Getting the Help You Need

When bedbugs, termites or wildlife opt to launch an invasion, you might feel tempted to handle the problem with at-home pesticides, which seems like a smart idea at first glance. The issue, however, is that at-home solutions can only go so far when it comes to keeping pests at bay, and pests will spread and cause even more trouble if you fail to contain them. The experts at F&W Pest Control know what it takes to manage and eliminate any pest that tries to bother you, and you can call us to receive a free quote.

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