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If you like friendly environments, peaceful towns and classic restaurants, Johnston is the right place for you. Whether you are coming to visit or are proud to call it home, this city has a lot of benefits you won't want to miss. Although you will probably enjoy many things about being in the area, it's not without flaws. Spiders, ants, mosquitoes and roaches are also happy to call Johnston home, so you will want to do what it takes to keep yourself out of their path.

Pests can show up and cause a lot of damage before you have time to react, but learning about the warning signs will help. Once pests enter your property and cause harm, you will need to contain the problem before it gets any worse. Pest outbreaks that remain uncontested can get out of control sooner than you might think. If you want a kind team of pest control professionals in whom you can trust, F&W Pest Control can do the trick and provide you with peace of mind. Because they serve commercial and residential areas, they can come to the rescue whenever pests overstay their welcome.

Bed Bugs

When you live in or travel to Johnston, bed bugs are the last pest you want to see when you get in your bed or wake up in the morning. These parasites are active at night and will bite your skin when you go to sleep, and you won't always know that you have bed bugs if you don't know how to spot them. Look for red marks on your arms, legs and body, but you can also place traps on the legs of your bed for several weeks. If the invaders are in your home, you will see them when you check the traps. After confirming that bed bugs are near, don't waste time when it comes to getting help.


When termites get into your home or place of business, they will get to work consuming your wooden walls and floors, but they will also eat wooden furniture and support beams if you give them a chance. No matter how tempting, don't overlook the problem when you spot one or more of the red flags. Sagging walls or floors will become obvious during the last stages of an infestation, but you can also search for discarded wings and shelter tubes. Taking action at the first sign of trouble will work wonders for reducing the damage and saving you money.


While insects can cause harm for homeowners and business professionals, rodents, rabbits and other pests can also make your life complicated. Raccoons will get into your trash cans and create a mess, but rats and mice will sneak into your building.

Rodents will taint your food and chew holes through your walls, but that's not all. They can even spread diseases and create fire hazards if you fail to eliminate them. You might not want to respond when you see wildlife on or near your property, but looking the other way will allow the issue to grow, and it will be even more expensive to treat when it gets to that point.

F&W Pest Control

Even though rodents, insects and other pests can invade your property and cause damage when you least expect it, you are not powerless to stop them from causing harm. If you know the red flags for which you should look and call a dependable pest control company at the first sign of trouble, you will be pleased with the outcome.

At F&W Pest Control, we are dedicated to helping homeowners and business experts keep their properties safe from pests, and we know that you will be pleased when you see what we can do. Pick up the phone to learn more about us and how we can give you a hand, and you will be glad that you did.

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