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If you've ever been to Lawrence, MA, then you know how deep the community's ties to nature run. With its landscape dominated by the Merrimack River and a host of amazing historic architecture, this is a unique place to watch the seasons roll by.

Unfortunately, people aren't the only ones taking in the scenery: Like other parts of the East Coast, Essex County has its own specialized pest problems. Fortunately, you can count on F&W Pest Control to help.

Getting to Know Lawrence

Long ago, this part of the state was home to the Pennacook tribe, which depended on the river for its water and fertile cultivation centers. These same geographic features would eventually attract colonists and agrarian settlers. Not until the 1800s, however, would humans start putting the flowing water to use in earnest by powering new textile mills that eventually helped cities like Methuen, Andover and Lawrence grow into critical hubs of industry, culture and even forward-thinking labor rights.

Thanks to conservation, the same wet conditions that drew people from all over the world still exist today. The only problem is that for many homes and businesses, the environment also plays host to unwanted pests: Insects, rodents and other nuisance species are just as enthusiastic about settling down here as humans are. When the two forces come into contact, conflicts are inevitable.

Solving Pest Problems

Effective pest control can be challenging, especially in such a unique locale. For instance, toxic chemicals should only be used sparingly since they end up going right into the water that everyone here depends on. Thanks to the healthy population of wildlife, these methods may also fail to produce the desired results: Getting rid of one infestation without considering the bigger picture might just open the door to other pests.

In Lawrence, every pest situation demands nuanced, experienced tactics. F&W Pest Control empowers you to fight back:

Commercial Control

Effective commercial pest control starts with thorough inspections of everything from trash compactors and lading areas to kitchenettes and bathrooms. It's also important to check closed ventilation systems, crawlspaces and other typically inaccessible areas for signs of spreading infestations.

After studying building designs to see where pests might be hiding, our experts identify each critter we discover. Since effective treatment depends on knowing what you're dealing with, we take the time to get things right. Then, we devise personalized integrated pest management programs that help business owners sidestep future problems.

Residential Control

With a broad range of features and ages, Lawrence homes are extremely diverse. Our experts work to help families deal with pests by discovering exactly how they entered homes and recommending or performing repairs that fortify these weak spots. For instance, we might seal cracks to keep ladybugs from coming inside or install TAP insulation to make homes less accommodating to roaches. We also practice species-specific removal and mitigation methods designed to eliminate existing problems and stop them from reoccurring.

At F&W Pest Control, we believe in using green methods that keep Lawrence beautiful. We routinely leverage our exhaustive knowledge of different pests and decades of hands-on experience to ensure that Essex County can coexist with the natural world.

Ready to beat your pest problem? Contact F&W Pest Control. We make it easy to enjoy a pest-free life economically, ecologically and responsibly, so get in touch.

Lawrence's Top 10 Pest Control Issues

F&W utilizes the most modern tools and techniques for pest prevention and environmentally responsible treatments. Our 75+ years of experience have taught us that to remove pests or solve recurring pest problems; you must not let them indoors in the first place! Our Lawrence pest control professionals are unrivaled at eliminating ants, bed bugs, termites, roaches, spiders, rodents, flies, ticks, and mosquitoes. We can effectively remove these pests quickly and effectively! Rather than excessively spraying everywhere, F&W's exterminators focus on the outdoors where bugs live and breed. Indoor spraying is avoided, unless totally necessary. This helps protect your family and pets from the health hazards associated with pests, and reduces any inconvenience. Plus, your home, condo, apartment or office is kept free of most typical pests found in Lawrence!

F&W employs knowledgeable, licensed, skilled professionals; who are continually trained by our staff entomologists and other industry experts. Our Lawrence exterminators carry the latest exterminating equipment and techniques available. They're continually trained by our entomologists and other experts to stay informed of the latest industry news and events.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

We also provide services in Suffolk County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Providence County, and Bristol County.


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