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A variety of control measures can be taken for bird abatement and an F&W; Pest Control professional can identify the proper techniques for your particular bird problem. The most common birds in this area include Pigeons, Sparrows, Woodpeckers, and Starlings.


As soon as you notice a pigeon problem call a pest control company. Pigeons droppings cause a mess and have been known to cause a mess. The problem will typically will grow worst if not dealt with quickly. Call F&W; for a Free Inspection. We set up a series of deterrents and repellents that will end your pigeon problem humanely.

Originally bred from European rock doves, pigeons are now an average of 13 ounces with fanlike tails and their colors range from snowy gray to black with reddish feet. They are nuisances in almost every urban and rural area in the United States because they have been known to carry over 50 diseases on their bodies and in their nests/droppings.


This type of bird is small at about five inches long and noisy with their shrill chirping. Males have brownish wings and chestnut marks, while the females are a dusky brown/gray color. Sparrows are a problem because they take the homes of desirable songbirds, and their droppings not only deface property but also carry diseases and parasites.


Adult woodpeckers can be six to 18 inches long with black and white bodies; some males have red markings on their heads. Their bills are stout and sharply pointed to help them peck at wood for food, nesting and territorial drumming. While federally protecting, these damaging birds are a nuisance in the United States and can be properly and legally abated.


These birds are stocky, short-tailed and black (with white specks in winter) with small yellow bills. They are nuisances in both rural and urban areas in the southern half of Canada and throughout the Unite States. Starlings roost in large numbers that cause problems due to their noise, livestock feed consumption and disease carrying droppings that can affect both humans and livestock.

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