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What kind of damage can squirrels cause? Squirrels are members of the rodent family, which means they are mammals that give birth to live young. These animals are low to the ground with their short legs and a bushy tail that is roughly the same length as the body. Squirrels are nuisance animals because their nest building can damage a home or outside cables while their bodies and droppings may carry diseases. An F&W Pest Control exterminator can determine the proper abatement system for your particular squirrel problem after a free inspection.

Red Squirrel

This rust-colored species of squirrels averages a weight of 8 ounces. They can be found in any kind of forest as their diets range from bird eggs to berries. Like other species of squirrel, while these critters are of minor medical concern, they make themselves a nuisance when nesting in residential or commercial buildings.

Gray Squirrel

A common mammal in New England, this type of squirrel is gray in color with a paler underside and bushy gray tail with white tips. Gray squirrels can be found around their favored wooded forests where they feed on tree nuts year-round.

Northern Flying Squirrel

These gliders (not actual flyers) are small at around 5 inches long with either rich brown or gray fur along their bodies and loose folds of skins from their front to rear legs. Northern Flying Squirrels are of minor medical concern, but their nocturnal habits and odor while taking roost in attics can be a nuisance to homeowners.

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