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In Lincoln, Massachusetts, the humid continental climate lures in people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, pests are quite fond of the communities in Lincoln. Thanks to the hot summers and cold winters, property owners don't get a break from rodents and nuisance insects. This means that your residential and commercial properties are highly prone to a pest invasion, so it would be in your best interest to get a long-term pest control solution. Critters may have varying preferences, but they basically want the same things: shelter, food and water.

Don't Be Blindsided

Ants, roaches and termites are only some of the pests that will likely cause you trouble all year. It doesn't matter if you keep your indoor environment neat and clean. These uninvited visitors have a knack for infesting homes and businesses. Once they have a foothold, they are going to use your property as their nesting ground, and the structures in your property will bear the brunt of their destructive nesting habits. This is especially true if you're dealing with a termite infestation. Some termites burrow through and destroy wooden structures, so they can cause a substantial amount of property damage.

In general, critters are surprisingly stealthy, clever and patient. They know how to find their way into buildings without drawing any attention to themselves. The good news is that most pests are seasonal, and the professionals at F&W Pest Control can stop them in their tracks whenever they come out of hiding. In fact, we're skilled enough to help you reclaim your home and your place of business. Our tried-and-true pest control strategies are designed to yield a heightened degree of protection.

Bed Bugs

Their name should give you an idea of where they like to infest. Bed bugs are particularly tiny, so you won't see them unless you scrutinize your bedding and mattress. Keep in mind that you may also find them buried in your clothing. As parasitic pests, these blood-thirsty critters are difficult to eliminate because they reproduce quickly, lay 300 to 500 eggs and hide in tiny spaces. Unfortunately, keeping bed bugs at bay is just as hard as getting rid of them because they are sneaky enough to hitch a ride on travel luggage. Therefore, when friends and loved ones visit, they can easily bring them into your home.


These critters are definitely a threat that you shouldn't ignore or underestimate. What makes them such a nuisance is their ability to destroy wooden structures within months. Homeowners mostly have to deal with Pacific dampwood termites, Eastern subterranean termites and Southeastern drywood termites. These species vary in size and in appearance. The kings and queens are larger than the workers and soldiers, and they resemble ants in several ways. That's why most people mistake them for ants. Their small, soft bodies are typically white, brown or gray. What makes termites difficult to eradicate is the fact that they are hard to detect when they first invade your property. Furthermore, eliminating termites requires not only a personalized approach but also advanced equipment.


From squirrels to opossums, the wildlife in your community will exploit any openings to get inside your property. In fact, wild animals will use their razor-sharp teeth and claws to deface your furniture and to destroy your structures. Since they are typically aggressive and quick to attack, combating them on your own may not be a wise decision. Why put yourself in harm's way when you can easily hire professional pest exterminators?

The communities in Lincoln, Massachusetts, depend on us because we go above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill their specific needs. Call F&W Pest Control today to get the quality assistance that you require.

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