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Massachusetts has a continental climate, which is characterized by warm, humid summers and cold, wet winters. Regular rainfall leads to dense vegetation growth in the Boston metropolitan area. While the greenery is beautiful, it also serves as the perfect breeding and nesting environment for pests, vermin, rodents and wildlife.

Dealing with Pest Infestations

Pests that invade your home or business are irritating and potentially dangerous. Numerous bugs and insects can spread disease, ruin your food and destroy your property. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with ants, mosquitoes, roaches or spiders, the experts at F&W Pest Control can help eliminate the problem and prevent future infestations from developing. Our technicians are trained to address residential and commercial pest problems without disrupting your business or your daily routine.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are unsettling, and you’ll need professional pest control services to address this difficult situation. These tiny, parasitic, nocturnal insects reproduce at a frenzied pace, and their bite causes a rash that’s painful and itchy. You can usually detect the presence of bed bugs by looking for the following signs:

  • Bed bug stains that are black or reddish
  • Live or dead bugs in the bedding
  • Cream-colored eggs deposited in drywall crevices
  • Bed bug fecal matter that is black or reddish

To properly address a bedbug infestation, our technicians employ a three-part process:

  • Free Inspection: An advisor will examine your home to determine the size of the colonies and develop a comprehensive extermination strategy.
  • Treatment: Our technician will treat all the areas required to completely eradicate the infestation.
  • Reinspection: We’ll reinspect your home twice during the following four weeks. If you still have bed bugs within the warranty period, we’ll come back and retreat at no charge.


Termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and buildings in Boston and the surrounding area. These destructive pests gain nourishment from consuming wood products and other building materials. They can compromise critical structural components, including floor supports, ceiling joists and framing studs. If you notice any of the following conditions, call the pros at F&W immediately.

  • Discolored sheetrock
  • Loose floor tiles
  • Buckling or sagging floors
  • Mud tunnels along the exterior of your home
  • Wood that easily crumbles
  • Small holes in the drywall

The most effective way to eliminate termites is by using a baiting system. Our liquid termiticide is environmentally friendly, and it kills termites by contact, ingestion and transfer. Our technicians are trained Termindor Certified Professionals, so they safely apply this odorless product wherever it is appropriate for efficient terminate abatement.


Nuisance wildlife populations expand quickly, and they’re attracted to spaces that provide shelter, food and nesting. Unfortunately, these pests often carry dangerous diseases like rabies, and they transfer fleas and mites to both pets and humans. To eliminate unwanted rodents and other wildlife from your property, we employ several strategies:

  • Trapping: We use humane traps to catch and remove nuisance pests.
  • Perimeter Sealing: Rodents have pliable bodies, so it’s important to completely seal any gaps in the perimeter larger than one-quarter inch.
  • Proper Storage of Food and Trash: In general, eliminating food sources will solve the majority of wildlife and rodent problems.

Comprehensive Pest Control

F&W Pest Control has been serving commercial and residential customers in Massachusetts for over 65 years. We build longstanding relationships based on honesty, integrity and a commitment to your total satisfaction. If you would like to learn more about our complete pest control services, call the pros at F&W Pest Control today.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

We also provide services in Suffolk County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Essex County, and Bristol County.


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