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Choose a one-time application for upcoming events like weddings and graduation parties, or select our season-long program with recurring applications throughout the mosquito season to protect your family all summer.

Reclaim Your Backyard!

We've all experienced setting up the back patio to have friends over for a summer barbecue; it might even be a beautiful July day with no threat of a thunderstorm. The sun is disappearing behind the trees as the meal is served. Then it happens. The mosquitoes that are in your backyard descend on your gathering and soon everyone is swatting and slapping. Who is enjoying their meal more, your guests or the pesky invaders?

Your Best Defense is MosquitoGuard

Get rid of mosquitoes on your property with MosquitoGuard. MosquitoGuard is a 3 phase process to rid your yard of adult mosquitoes and their larvae.

Our three-phase process begins with culture control which involves setting up a system of long-term prevention around your property. Tips from this stage include:

  • storing water cans upside down
  • draining flowerpots frequently
  • keeping pet dishes fresh
  • covering your rain collection barrel
  • changing birdbath water weekly

The second stage of this process is adult mosquito treatment which provides immediate knock-out and relief, while the final stage eliminates larvae in standing water sites around your property. Each treatment can give you up to four weeks of relief - which is a lot of time to enjoy the outdoors during those balmy summer days and nights. Protect your family, as well as your pets, from contracting mosquito-borne diseases. Our mosquito control program safeguards your property from these annoying and potentially dangerous insects.

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