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With a size of more than 12.5 square miles, Needham, Massachusetts, has at least 28,800 residents, and the city is conveniently located within 2 miles of Boston, Massachusetts. In spite of the area's continental climate, the residents generally experience a relatively high level of humidity. Numerous reports have indicated that Needham, Massachusetts, receives around 50 inches of rainfall annually. Furthermore, the city contains multiple sizable lakes and a section of the Charles River. The extra moisture attracts mosquitoes, termites, bedbugs and spiders.


Generally, mosquitoes can carry bacteria that might cause elephantiasis and yellow fever, and if a mosquito bites a human, the person could be infected by the West Nile virus or the Zika virus. The bugs usually live near water, and numerous reports have indicated that large numbers of mosquitoes regularly infest areas that are close to the Cutler Park Reservation, the Needham Town Forest, Millenium Park and the Ridge Hill Reservation.

In order to reduce the number of mosquitoes in an area, our experts can utilize a cutting-edge system that will stop larvae from infesting lakes and ponds that are close to a home. Generally, each strategy will prevent infestations for one month.


In Needham, Massachusetts, many residents frequently see wolf spiders, which are exceptionally large bugs that can move rapidly. When a wolf spider bites a human, the bug will inject a significant amount of venom into the tissue, yet the poison is relatively weak. Wolf spiders commonly bite humans when individuals place their hands in boxes, shoes, drawers, small openings that are situated underneath a home or closets.

An individual could also encounter a yellow sac spider, which is especially small. This type of bug can swiftly create tunnels that are located in the ground. The spider's venom is relatively strong, and a bite may cause localized swelling, soreness and necrosis. If this type of spider bites a human, the symptoms will usually have a duration of more than 72 hours.


Once bedbugs invade a home, the pests will generally hide in furniture and boxes, and the bugs may also crawl into clothing, openings in a floor and shoes. The bedbugs will typically bite a human during the night; however, some bedbugs do not cause welts or soreness. Our experts can thoroughly evaluate containers that are allowing bedbugs to hide in a home, and we might utilize heat treatments that will swiftly eliminate bedbugs that are situated in a room.


If termites have infested a residence, specialists may locate small burrows that are positioned underneath the structure, and the termites will generally search for especially moist sections of a house. In order to eliminate termites, our experts can leave bait that certain termites will bring to the other bugs. When examining sources that are providing food for the bugs, we may evaluate trees or wooden structures that are situated near a home.


In total, more than 4,500 species of cockroaches exist, yet numerous analyses have indicated that 30 types of cockroaches regularly infest residences in Massachusetts. The bugs naturally generate an odor that attracts other cockroaches, so if a homeowner sees a cockroach in a residence, the home usually contains more than 35 cockroaches.

Examining Our Services

If you choose a service plan that our company offers, our specialists will evaluate bugs that are in a house and prevent future infestations, and our experts may install cutting-edge insulation in homes and commercial buildings. We can also establish a perimeter that will stop termites from entering a structure. Moreover, our company offers emergency services for customers whose homes already contain bugs. For a free inspection fill out our contact form or give us a call and our specialists can provide a free estimate.

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