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Distinct seasons and high humidity make pest prevention tricky for residents and business owners in Newton Lower Falls, MA. Temperature extremes and humidity are partially to blame for driving bugs, rodents and wildlife into unwanted spaces. Find out why pest control measures are a must for your area home or business.

Dangers of Common Household Pests

Whether you're dealing with creepy-crawly spiders or disease-carrying cockroaches, an infestation can become a major issue. Carpenter ants can damage the wood in your home, while mosquitoes spread the Zika and West Nile viruses, encephalitis and other potentially dangerous illnesses. Roaches can cause allergic or asthmatic reactions and spread e coli and other foodborne bacteria. While most spiders are harmless, reactions to hobo, brown recluse and black widow spider bites can be serious. Some pests endanger your household's health, but all are unwanted visitors any time of year. Bugs and rodents threaten businesses, too, endangering the health and safety of employees and guests. Pests are also a threat to your company's bottom line; bug or rodent sightings can seriously damage your reputation, especially in the hospitality industry.

Bed Bugs

These bloodsuckers can be brought into the home via luggage, furniture and a variety of other everyday items. Bed bug bites cause irritation and can trigger allergic reactions in some victims. Immediate treatment is essential, as bed bugs can quickly infest every nook and cranny of a home or business. Common bed bug signs include small-to-large red bumps on your body, tiny blood stains on sheets, and red, brown or light spots on the mattress or headboard. You may also find bed bug eggs, which are white specks the size of a pin head; a flashlight and magnifying glass are recommended. Bed bugs are brown, flat and oval-shaped before feeding; after feeding, they balloon and turn reddish in color.


The termite is one of the costliest hazards to a home. Infestations can be hard to detect since termites leave few signs of their existence. Swollen walls, water-like stains, mud tubes and discarded wings are commonly overlooked signs of a termite infestation. Seek professional pest control treatment right away to prevent further damage. Although you're likelier to see evidence of termites' work than the invaders themselves, it's important to know what they look like. Termites range from a quarter-inch to a half-inch in length. Worker termites are light in color, while swarming termites are darker and have large wings.


Raccoons, squirrels and other critters may be cute, but they can wreak havoc on your home. Like mice and rats, squirrels are known to cause house fires by gnawing on electrical wiring. Voles and gophers destroy gardens, and moles can turn your yard into a mushy series of trip-inducing holes. Raccoons spread disease and can damage exterior walls and wires. Never risk your safety by trying to remove wild animals from your residential or commercial property. Call in experienced wildlife removal pros like our team at F&W Pest Control.

Safe, effective pest control and prevention services help keep households and businesses pest-free throughout the year. Keeping pests off your residential or commercial property helps ensure the health and safety of your household, business staff and visitors. Pest treatments also protect your financial health in the short and long term. F&W Pest Control has provided homes and businesses in the Boston area with quality pest services since 1943. As a family business committed to providing you with the latest pest-control technology, we take pride in building relationships with area home and business owners. Contact our friendly staff today to prevent pest infestations or eliminate existing problems.

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