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As the residents of Newtonville say goodbye to a warm, humid summer and start preparing for the snowy winter to come, troublesome pests are beginning to do the same. When the temperature starts to dip in autumn, pest season begins, and even the most conscientious property owner can find themselves dealing with an alarming infestation.

For every season, there's a pest. The summertime sees an influx of ants and mosquitoes that can require pest control. In autumn, spiders abandon their outdoor webs and move inside for shelter. Roaches can appear indoors any time of the year, but like other pests, they move into homes and businesses in wintertime to escape freezing outdoor temperatures.

Certain pests are especially troublesome for home and business owners to get rid of on their own. Bedbugs, termites and wildlife all pose unique challenges.


Bedbugs are an all-season pest, but they often start to show up in homes in the summertime when they’re carried home in luggage. These tiny insects feed on blood and have brown, oval-shaped bodies. They have a flat appearance that looks more swollen and red after they’ve fed. Since each female bedbug can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime, it only takes one bedbug to set off an infestation in your home or business. Bedbugs are hard to eliminate without professional help because they can hide in the tiniest cracks and crevices, and they’re resistant to many pesticides.


You may not even know you have a termite problem until the damage is extensive. That’s because much of their destructive work is carried out behind walls or under the ground. The worker termite is a pale insect that’s about 1/4-inch long with straight antennae. If you see a termite in your home, get a professional inspection immediately. Treating a termite infestation is often complex because the correct treatment plan depends on the species of termite you’re dealing with, the location of the colony and the severity of the infestation. It’s vital to take strategic action before expensive property damage occurs; in an established termite colony, the queen can release up to 1,000 eggs each day.


While some rodents hibernate in the wintertime, many others, including mice, do not. These pests will seek shelter from the cold by invading your home, chewing through drywall and wires as they set up their nests. Squirrels, pigeons, raccoons and bats can also infiltrate your property. They not only cause damage, but they can spread disease. It’s best to limit your contact with these pests and let a professional pest-control firm remove these unwelcome critters. A pro can also secure your home to prevent unwanted wildlife from coming back.

If you’re facing a pest infestation in Newtonville, Massachusetts, contact F&W Pest Control today. We’re the pest-control experts that residential and business customers call when they need to remove or prevent an infestation. We provide customized solutions to resolve any problem with pests. You can count on us for all your pest-control needs in Newtonville.

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