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North Dighton is a small town that is situated on the Taunton River, which was a major commerce center for shipbuilding during the early part of its history. The fishing industry is also prominent in this area, and the humidity of the climate provides plenty of opportunities for recreational outdoor activities. However, the warm and humid months can also attract various types of pests that are able to breed large colonies in areas where there is plenty of moisture. The North Dighton area can become infested with small insects because of the presence of the Taunton River, and this may lead to larger infestations when the small carcasses eventually become a food supply for larger insects and rodents. Residential neighborhoods as well as business zones can be adversely affected by a pest infestation.

Residential, Commercial Pest Infestations

Our residential pest protection program combines the best products with the most effective services. We strive to create an environment that is pest-free all year. Although you might contact us after seeing only a few insects or rodents, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your property to determine if there is an invisible infestation occurring deeper in the walls or basement. Many pests will not show their numbers, and this can make it difficult to evaluate the depth of the problem. We inspect the home for the common signs of pest infestations, and our trained professionals understand how to discover the location of any nests or colonies. This is a critical service when you are dealing with termites, roaches or rodents. These pests can cause damage to the structure of the home in some cases, but they can also adversely affect the health of your family as well. Protect yourself with our comprehensive residential pest-control Sentricon System.

Business owners face a series of regulations that can impose stiff penalties in the case of a confirmed pest infestation. This makes it critical to act right away. If you spot an insect, rodent, termite or other pest in your business location, it is imperative that you take immediate action. Our service providers are professional and responsive to your needs. We can conduct a thorough analysis of your building to determine the type of pest as well as the extent of the infestation. Once this is accomplished, we will use the industry standard techniques and products in order to exterminate them from your building. We have experience eliminating pests from schools, restaurants, offices, warehouses, hotels and other types of businesses.

About F&W Pest Control, North Dighton

F&W Pest Control offers premium services to our business and residential customers in North Dighton, MA. This includes a comprehensive examination of the property as well as a plan for the extermination of all pests that are discovered. We also provide check-ups as a part of our ongoing maintenance plan, which will allow you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property will remain free from pest infestations all year. Our service providers use the industry standard tools and equipment to conduct the work, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results. If you have any questions about our procedures, contact one of our friendly representatives at your earliest convenience. We are always ready to give you a free quote on our services.

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