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With a population of 30,000 residents, Norwood, Massachusetts, is a peaceful town that has a lot to offer. But if you live in the area and want to keep yourself and your property safe from danger, learning about common pests and the trouble they can cause is vital. Insects and other pests will invade your home or office in no time, and most residents don’t know what to do about it. If you need help with a pest problem, you can turn to the trusted team at F&W Pest Control. Whether you need residential or commercial pest control services, our experts will get the job done right the first time.

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs can invade buildings without detection because they hitch rides on clothes and in bags. After they get inside, they will find a place to establish their nest, and you are unlikely to notice them when they first become a problem. These pests are small and have flat bodies before they consume a meal, but they will become round after they feed. When bedbugs bite your skin, they will leave red bumps behind. A lot of people try to get rid of bedbugs without help because they want to save money, but doing so rarely results in success. Since bedbugs are skilled at hiding and have become resistant to most at-home pesticides, managing an infestation on your own is next to impossible.


Termites can crawl through the ground to reach a new place to call home, but others can fly when they are searching for a nest. If you think that you have spotted a termite in or near your property, look for insects that have straight waists and wings. When termites take over a house or office, they will consume wooden walls and floors, and they can cause a lot of damage along the way. You might feel tempted to rid your property of termites by yourself, but this path won’t always work when you want to get the best possible results. If you reduce the termite population but don’t eliminate it, you could face even more expenses in the future.


Wildlife comes in many shapes and sizes and can cause a range of problems of which you need to be aware. When rodents need food, water or shelter, they will use small cracks or holes in your building to get inside. After rats or mice get into your walls, they can chew your wires, creating a fire hazard that you can’t afford to overlook. They can also get into your food and contaminate it, and you must respond at the first sign of an infestation if you don’t want to put your health at risk. If you have a garden and are trying to grow vegetables, other types of wildlife can destroy your crops, leading to frustration and disappointment.

F&W Pest Control

If wildlife or insects have invaded your home or place of business, F&W Pest Control can come to the rescue. Our trained and dedicated team will do what it takes to remove the pests from your property safely and without stress. If you want to learn more about what we can do or are ready to move forward, we invite you to give us a call.

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