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Curious to know more about pest control and the best tips and tricks to protecting your home? Check out F&W Pest Control’s input on how to deal with a pest infestation as well as the latest news in the pest industry.

EEE in Massachusetts

EEE is a mosquito-transmitted disease that affects the brain. Learn more about how it is common in our state, the symptoms of EEE, and how to prevent it.Read more
black ant on leaf

Common Black Ants

Ants have the largest brain of any insect. The combined brain cells of a colony of ants have about the same number of brain cells as a human.Read more
mouse coming through hole

The Differences Between Mice and Rats

Rats and mice have many things in common. For example, they can be the same color, they both have long tails, they both gnaw constantly to keep their teeth from growing too long — and they can both spread a variety of diseases. However, there are several notable differences between rats and mice.Read more
Asian tiger mosquito

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Particular Blood Types?

If you or someone you know tends to get bit by mosquitoes more often than others, you are probably wondering whether or not the flying pests prefer certain blood types. Understanding how they find and target their hosts is the first step in protecting yourself.Read more
praying mantis

Harmful Versus Non-Harmful Pests

It’s true that many bugs can pose significant threats to our health, home, and well-being. However, there are hosts of insects all around us which are entirely harmless and even beneficial. Here are a couple of non-harmful pests and why they are not to be feared.Read more
Assassin bug

Spooky Massachusetts Pests

While some pests look harmless, others have a spine-chilling appearance that triggers immediate fear. Massachusetts definitely has its fair share of creepy crawlers roaming the area. Here are some of the spookiest pests in the state.Read more


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