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Pest Control in Shrewsbury Starting at $34/Month!

Don't let pests disrupt your family's routine in your Shrewsbury home. Allow our expert exterminators at F&W Pest Control to protect you and restore your peace of mind.

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As a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to creating relationships with our customers based on professionalism and honesty.

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Our Massachusetts exterminators use cutting edge technology along with eco- and family-friendly treatment methods to eradicate pests. 

Super easy, my guy was willing to field all of my questions and get us set up to avoid critters in the future. Would recommend it to any of my neighbors.


Pest Control in Shrewsbury

The town of Shrewsbury is located in the eastern part of the state of Massachusetts. It is a relatively small town, which has a population of around 35,000 people. The notable Lake Quinsigamond is an attraction that brings visitors from the area as well as neighboring districts. This is an enjoyable place to relax and experience the pleasant months of the year. However, the moisture and humidity also combines to create a situation that invites plenty of pests into the area. Once these insects, rodents and other bugs build colonies in the areas around the notable lake, they will often travel into neighboring areas and infest local homes and businesses. They enter these buildings searching for food, water and relief from the elements. This can create a situation where a pest infestation is occurring without the knowledge of the homeowner or business manager. Our professional service providers can detect and eliminate these pests with a minimal amount of interruption in your daily routine.

Shrewsbury Pest Control, Residents and Businesses

Residential pest control is essential for maintaining the health of family members as well as pets. Small insects can sneak into the home through various types of openings that are not visible to the human eye. This creates a health threat when they drop feces near food supplies, but the pests will often die and leave their carcasses lying around the home. This will attract larger pests like rodents who can use them as a source of food. Once the cycle is underway, it can be difficult to stop using ordinary methods. The pests can build large colonies in areas of the home that are completely inaccessible, for example. This includes the attic and the basement areas. The dangers of a pest infestation to your home can be substantial because some pests like termites are capable of causing structural damage to the property.

Business owners also face serious consequences if a pest infestation occurs on their premises. These companies can face stiff penalties and fines if the pest infestation is not resolved immediately. In some cases, this can result in the termination of the license for the business. Our professional pest-control providers understand how to inspect the property in accordance with the legal requirements for remaining operational. We can exterminate a variety of pests from your building using the most advanced techniques and products available in the industry. When you contact our professional inspectors, you will receive the best services possible. This will ensure that your business is able to remain compliant with the relevant laws in this area. We have successfully treated many types of businesses including hotels, restaurants, schools, and many more.

About F&W Pest Control

F&W Pest Control provides exceptional services to businesses and residents in Shrewsbury. Our dedication to providing the best pest control in unparalleled, and we are fully capable of handling even the toughest jobs. Our service providers have a wide range of experiences dealing with the most difficult pest infestations, and we can make sure that you will be able to live without pests, insects and rodents infiltrating your home or business. We provide inspection services, pest elimination as well as maintenance protocols that will keep pests out of your property. Contact us for a free quote on our pest-control services.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

We also provide services in Suffolk County, Providence County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Essex County, and Bristol County.

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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Special Offers

Save Some Green!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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