PestGuard Service Details

We’re coming to you – what to expect with your upcoming service

Getting ready for your appointment is simple and straightforward. Here are a few important things to keep in mind before your service.

Do I need to be there for the service?

For most of your services, you do not have to be home. The Pest Guard Program is set up to have three of your four quarterly services exterior-only. For services taking place between the months of January and March, you will need to be home for your annual interior inspection. For this annual service, the technician will need to get inside so he can perform a full inspection of the home for the pests your service program covers. If you need to schedule a specific time or change the date of this annual service, please contact the office or do so through our website.

What time will the technician be arriving for the service?

Your service notification will have indicated the date of service but not a specific time. As noted above, if you need a specific time frame, please contact our office to try and confirm a two-hour service window for your upcoming service.

Is the treatment safe for people and pets?

Yes, our technicians work to ensure that we make the least invasive treatments possible. Your technician will be able to discuss specific precautions, if any, you may need to take based on the treatments being performed on the day of service. Any exterior spray treatment will require approximately one hour of time to dry before the treated areas are safe to re-enter.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the service?

For this service, there are no specific preparations that need to be made.

What is the technician going to do?

Your service includes an exterior inspection of your home along with monitoring and preventative treatments appropriate for the season and those pests covered under the service program. Your winter service also includes an annual interior inspection.

  • Spring service concentrates on the control of ants and other crawling insects as well as inspection for termite activity around the home.

  • Summer service still concentrates primarily on insect control with an added focus on inspection and treatment for wasp nests around the home as well as looking around the doors, windows, and exterior lighting for other flying insect activity.

  • Fall service still looks to control insect activity, particularly the control of “occasional invaders,” which are insects that typically do not live indoors but may try to enter to find shelter for the winter. Service at this time of year also starts to focus on rodent control as mice and other rodents are often looking for shelter and food for the upcoming winter.

  • Winter service focuses heavily on rodent control, as mice and other rodents can remain active throughout the winter as long as they have access to food. Inspection and preventative treatments for insect control are still a part of service this time of year in preparation for the upcoming Spring.

  • If you still have questions, your service technician can always go over specifics with you on the day of service.

Need to reschedule or have questions regarding your account?

You can either log into your account at or feel free to contact our service team at (800) 287-7776