Preparation for Bed Bugs Treatment

The service is being done by F&W Pest Control (


1. F&W Pest Control technicians will be coming to your home to treat for bed bugs. Insecticides will be applied to bed bug hiding areas, these areas could be located almost anywhere in your unit, but are usually around the bed. Bed bugs can hide in seams in cushions and mattresses, and gaps and crevices in bed frames and furniture. It is seldom that all bed bugs are killed with one treatment; this is why additional services are commonly scheduled.

2. DO​ ​NOT​ ​SPRAY​ ​PESTICIDES​: Sprays incorrectly applied can cause bed bugs to spread and can make the problem worse by pushing them to areas they wouldn’t ordinarily be found.

3. DO​ ​NOT​ ​ATTEMPT​ ​TO​ ​REMOVE​ ​ANY​ ​INFESTED​ ​FURNITURE​ ​FROM​ ​YOUR​ ​UNIT.​ Please contact management regarding any known areas and furniture with bed bugs.

4. Resident and pets must be out of the unit during treatment and for at least four hour after treatment.

5. Pregnant and nursing women, people with health issue and children under the age of one; should consult with their physician regarding this service, prior to treatment.

6. Beds MUST be stripped of all blankets, sheets and pillows. The sheets MUST be laundered in conjunction with treatment.

7. Couches and chairs must be clear of all items and covers and pulled away from walls.

8. Dispose of all unnecessary storage, boxes, and other items especially near/under beds, chairs and couches.

9. Items within 10 feet of beds that can’t be washed or dried should be inspected and put in sealed bags.

10. Fish tanks must be covered with a towel and pumps unplugged.

11. Blankets, sheets and clothing must be LAUNDERED​ ​AND/OR​ ​PUT​ ​IN​ ​THE​ ​DRYER​ ​ON​ ​MEDIUM TO​ ​HOT​ ​CYCLE​ ​TO​ ​KILL​ ​BED​ ​BUGS​. Do not store items in bags without first going through this process. Items that can’t be laundered should be placed in clothes dryer (light load do not overload dryer) on medium to hot cycle for a minimum or 20 minutes.

12. When taking articles to be laundered do so in sealed plastic bags to prevent spreading bed bugs that can fall off the items in the hall. Use a new bag for clean laundry.

13. Vacuum or sweep all floors including closets. Remove all items from closet floors.

14. Empty all clothing and personal items from dressers and drawers near beds (launder and dry).

15. REMOVE​ ​ITEMS​ ​FROM​ ​SUITCASES​ and travel bags (launder and dry). Bed Bugs can hide and lay eggs in these areas and go undetected and left to survive in your home.

16. After Treatment it may be recommended that older or ripped mattresses and box springs, or other articles may need to be disposed of after service depending on the situation.

The​ ​Materials​ ​Applied

One or more the following products may be applied in your unit: Phantom (Chlorfenapyr EPA reg # 241-392), Suspend SC (Deltamethrin, EPA reg # 432-763), Transport GPH (Acetamiprid/Bifenthrin, EPA reg #8033-96-279), CB Invader HPX (Propoxur, EPA reg. # 9444-186) , MotherEarth D (Diatomaceous Earth, EPA reg. # 499-509), DeltaDust (Deltamethrin, EPA reg. # 432-772), Exponent (Piperonyl Butoxide, EPA reg. # 1021-1511), Temprid SC (Imidacloprid/Cyfluthrin, EPA reg #432-1483) , If a unit is being done as a precautionary service, items should be cleared away from bed, chairs, and couches to allow for a preventative inspection and treatment. If bed bug bugs are detected, a complete treatment will be scheduled.

What to Expect: If you are currently having a problem with Bed Bugs, you may continue to experience them in varying numbers for up to two weeks after our final treatment. The treatment is only as good as the preparation; this is why good preparation is a must. *If the unit is not prepped our technicians will do their best, but success will be limited.*

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