Pest Control in Canton for as Low as $39.95/Month!

When it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy home, an infestation of pests can disturb your peace and make you feel like an outsider in your own space. Let F&W take care of those pests for you with our pest control in Canton so you can start enjoying a safer, pest-free home!

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A Family Owned & Operated Business

As a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to creating relationships with our customers based on professionalism and honesty.

Local Experts For Over 80 Years

When you’re dealing with an infestation, you want a team that understands nearby pests and how to deal with them. With over seven decades of experience, that’s exactly what you’ll get with us!

Environmentally Responsible & Technology-Driven

Our Massachusetts exterminators use cutting edge technology along with eco- and family-friendly treatment methods to eradicate pests.

Pest Control in Canton

Pests crawl around your home and make you feel uneasy. Luckily, F&W is here to help! We offer effective pest control in Canton with several package options, so you can choose the program that best suits the needs of you and your family.

Our pest control in Canton covers the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Mice
  • Stink bugs
  • Roaches
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Boxelder bugs
  • And more!


Save $100 on Recurring Pest Control Services

If you’re looking for quality, affordable pest control in Canton, you’ve come to the right place! We provide fast solutions for immediate relief and thoroughly treat your home to give you long-term protection. Our professional exterminators in Canton are highly trained and work diligently to give you the best pest control possible. Now you can save even more by signing up for our PestGuard Plus, Signature, or Elite package!

When you partner with F&W for pest control in Canton, you will receive: 

  • A free inspection of your property by one of our expert Canton exterminators.
  • Quarterly treatments to protect the exterior of your home all year long.
  • Annual interior inspections and treatments to give your home full protection.
  • Free call-backs for any recurring pest issues.


Looking for services outside of Canton? F&W offers pest control in Quincy and the surrounding areas in Norfolk County.

Wildlife Control in Canton

Finding wildlife in your home can be terrifying. Not only can they carry and potentially transmit harmful diseases such as rabies, but they can also bring other pests into your home as well. If you have animals such as bats, birds, raccoons, opossums, and others in your home, give F&W a call for wildlife control in Canton. Our team of wildlife control experts are certified by the state of Massachusetts to safely and legally remove the animals taking over your yard without harming the animal or disrupting the ecosystem.

When you choose F&W for wildlife control in Canton, you can expect: 

  • A thorough inspection of your property to discover the degree of your wildlife invasion and to determine how best to remove wildlife from your home.
  • Harm-free and hassle-free removal, especially when dealing with protected species such as brown bats.
  • Complete protection from wildlife, so you don’t have to worry about wildlife invasions any longer.

Mosquito Control in Canton

Mosquitoes are a nuisance with their constant, lingering presence and itchy bites. They can also transmit harmful diseases such as Malaria and EEE, making them a threat to you and your family. F&W is here to provide comprehensive mosquito control in Canton to protect you and your loved ones.

Get Year-Round Protection from Mosquitoes

When it comes to mosquito control in Canton, we offer the best of both worlds: fast relief and long-term protection. Our mosquito exterminators treat your property with a three-step process. We install a system around your property to provide year-long mosquito prevention, then eliminate adult mosquitoes for quick relief and target larvae in standing water before they have the chance to fully develop.

When you partner with F&W for mosquito control in Canton, you will receive:

  • An inspection of your property by one of our professional exterminators in Canton.
  • Fast-acting liquid treatment to target mosquito populations in common breeding areas.
  • A significant decrease in mosquitoes on your property for greater relief.
  • Long-term protection, so you can enjoy your beautiful yard without the threat of mosquitoes!


A Family-Owned Business You Can Trust

F&W has been family owned for four generations, which means we work hard to treat you like our family by providing family-friendly pest control. Your health and safety is our top priority, and we always service your home with this in mind. We want you and your family to feel as though we have provided you with the best service possible for your total satisfaction. We are proud to offer the best pest control in Canton and get you the help you need!

Are you ready to get a pest-free home?