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If you’re looking for an easy way to get rid of pests for good, team up with us! We offer pest control in Plymouth that will effectively remove pests and keep them.

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A Family Owned & Operated Business

As a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to creating relationships with our customers based on professionalism and honesty.

Local Experts For Over 80 Years

When you’re dealing with an infestation, you want a team that understands nearby pests and how to deal with them. With over seven decades of experience, that’s exactly what you’ll get with us!

Environmentally Responsible & Technology-Driven

Our Massachusetts exterminators use cutting edge technology along with eco- and family-friendly treatment methods to eradicate pests.

Pest Control in Plymouth

Pests can easily sneak into your home and cause damage without you even noticing! When it comes to pest control, it’s most effective if provided by professionals that implement up-to-date and tailored treatments for your home. Here at F&W, we offer professional pest control in Plymouth that works with your home and its current conditions. We will implement treatments based on the infestation you are dealing with! Here are a few common household pests that we will eliminate for you when you contact our Plymouth exterminators:



The Best Pest Control in Plymouth, MA

Our Plymouth pest control will provide you with a pest-free home consistently through recurring services. With detailed extermination and preventative treatments, it will be difficult for bugs to get past our highly-trained Plymouth exterminators and the treatments implemented.

Here’s what our exterminators will provide for you when you sign up for our pest control services:

  • Quarterly exterior services – keep pests away from your home no matter the time of year.
  • Interior treatments – provided every year by one of our professionals to inspect and eliminate pests in your home.
  • A free inspection – this will detail what you are dealing with and what we recommend to solve the problem.
  • Free call-back services – for issues that are covered under your pest control package.
  • Complete transparency – our exterminators will always keep you in the loop!


Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions

At F&W we pride ourselves in being an environmentally responsible company. We always strive to utilize the best and safest technology with our customers! When you team up with our exterminators in Plymouth we will offer an integrated pest management approach that minimizes risks to people and the environment If you’re interested in our environmentally-friendly pest control, contact us today to learn more!

Termite Treatment in Plymouth

Termites are known for causing large amounts of damage to your home and are often difficult to detect to the untrained eye. However, simple steps can be taken to prevent a massive termite infestation. Here at F&W Pest Control, our termite exterminators are trained in the latest advances to prevent, protect, and treat termite infestations.

When you partner with us for your termite treatment in Plymouth, you can expect: 

  • A thorough assessment to determine the severity of the infestation and the appropriate treatment.
  • A treatment plan tailored to the extent of your infestation.
  • Advanced technology treatments — we offer the latest termite technology, Liquid Barrier and Sentricon® System, to provide you with the best results.
  • Eco-friendly treatment solutions — we’ll use environmentally and family-friendly treatment methods to eliminate termites.

Get Rid of Termites for Good

At F&W, we only offer the best of the best for our customers. With our termite control in Plymouth, we can safely say that you and your home are protected from termites. Plus, we will get you started with $75 off your initial termite treatment.

We offer the following services with our customized termite treatment in Plymouth:

  • The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology — This treatment offers complete termite colony eradication by utilizing bait technology. A professional Plymouth exterminator will install stations around your home, which termites will take and transfer to the rest of the colony. This is our preferred termite treatment in Plymouth.
  • The Liquid Barrier Treatment — This treatment involves trenching to apply material into the ground that will eliminate individual termites. This treatment will provide a short-term solution for termites on your property.

Wildlife Control in Plymouth

Wildlife are more than just nuisance animals— they pose health risks to your family and furry friends. As a fourth-generation, family-owned business, we know how to effectively provide wildlife control in Plymouth. Our wildlife experts are state-certified PAC technicians who are knowledgeable on the state laws in regard to safely removing wildlife from your yard. Get expert wildlife removal from your local pest control company!

When you call F&W Pest Control for wildlife control in Plymouth, we’ll protect your from:

  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Opossum
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Rodents
  • Squirrels
  • Woodchucks
  • And others!


Mosquito Control in Plymouth

When summertime comes around, we aren’t the only ones who want to spend time outside—unfortunately, so do mosquitoes. These pests cause itchy welts and carry diseases like Malaria, West Nile virus, and Dengue. To protect your family, trust our mosquito control in Plymouth. We’ll get rid of mosquitoes fast, giving you immediate relief with long-term prevention.

When you choose our mosquito treatments, we will:

  • Inspect your property to find mosquito breeding areas and hideouts.
  • Use a backpack mister to treat foliage and underbrush.
  • Eliminate both adult mosquitoes and their larvae with MosquitoGuard.
  • Schedule recurring treatments to keep your property protected.

Rodent Control in Plymouth

The thought of rats and mice living in your home can be unsettling. They make your home dirty with their waste, expose you to diseases, get into your food, and can quickly cause major damage to your wiring and structures. Store-bought solutions are messy, not very effective and can put your family and pets in danger. When you contact the professionals at F&W for expert rodent control in Plymouth, we will remove these pests quickly and effectively without endangering your family.



Guaranteed Long-Term Rodent Control

Once rodents are removed, your next thoughts focus on whether or not they will return. Our one-time service carries a 6-month guarantee that your home will remain rodent-free. If you want more peace of mind, our Rodent Guard service protects you between your scheduled recurring visits.

When you trust our rodent exterminators in Plymouth, you will receive:

  • thorough property inspection to find where the rats are hiding and how they got in.
  • Tailored placement of bait stations to catch and remove all rodents from your home.
  • Interior and exterior exclusion work to seal access points and prevent rats and mice from re-entering.
  • Identification of repairs needed that are beyond our capabilities.
  • The option to enroll in recurring visits to keep rodents away.

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