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Insects and arachnid pests are everywhere. The crawl or fly into your home through minute cracks in the foundation, knots in your wood, or even when you open the door. Even if few of them are poisonous, many of them carry disease, which creates a danger to you and your family. When it comes to pests, there usually is no specific "season." Almost all pests prefer warm weather. If March happens to be unseasonably warm, then March could be "mosquito season," for example. Whenever the weather gets warm, it pays to be vigilant against insect and arachnid pests.

At F&W Pest Control, we proudly serve Sharon, Mass., and the surrounding areas as we rid citizens' homes and businesses of these pests. Through our distinguished efforts on behalf of our customers over more than eight decades, we've earned both their trust and the trust of others in the industry. We even hold full accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Although individuals and businesses can experience infestations of almost any pest, two varieties are particularly insidious: bedbugs and termites.

Bed Bugs

Cimex lectularius, or the common bed bug, is small enough to go unnoticed until an infestation has occurred. Bed bugs are parasites and feed on human blood. They're smaller than ants and are usually red until they've had a good meal. Then, they turn black. The worst part is that it's nearly impossible to rid oneself of them once they've infested your home or business. As professionals, we have an arsenal of remedies available to make your property bedbug-free.


While bedbugs are disgusting and hard to get rid of, termites, on the other hand, are destructive and hard to get rid of. They evolved from cockroaches hundreds of millions of years ago. They're hardy and well-organized, like any hive-minded insect. There are several varieties that threaten any structure made from wood or includes wood as part of its construction. They're mostly invisible, so the first time you notice them is when part of your home or business collapses. Termites are dangerous. It requires the knowledge, experience, and high-quality tools and techniques of professionals to get rid of them.


We also handle wildlife incursions on your property. We can remove mice and rats, raccoons, birds, and other nuisances with a minimum of fuss. In all cases, we aim to accomplish such removals humanely, but we will exterminate such pests if necessary. The key thing to remember regarding wildlife problems is that, many times, they bring other pests with them. For example, woodchucks and raccoons can bring fleas while birds and rats can bring mites.

Don't take chances when it comes to your family's safety. Trust F&W Pest Control. We even offer same-day service, so give us a call as soon as you need us.

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We provide services throughout Suffolk County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Essex County, Bristol County, and Providence County.


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