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Sherborn, Massachusetts, is a quiet Boston suburb with scenic wooded surroundings, including the Charles River State Reservation and the Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary. This semi-rural community is home to a wide variety of insects and many wild animals that create problems for businesses and homeowners. During the summer, the community and the pests spring to life. During the winter, mice and rodents build cozy nests inside homes. In Sherborn, pests are active all year, and so are we.

If you've noticed new pest activity or have battled seasonal infestations for years, call on the experts at F&W Pest Control. We offer effective, customized services that solve the problem efficiently. Have our certified technicians eliminate troublesome ant colonies, banish roaches and control mosquitoes that pester your family when you spend time outdoors. We are experts at eradicating pest infestations and protecting properties from future invasions. Our professionals perform comprehensive treatments designed especially for residential properties and all types of businesses from restaurants to hotels and office buildings.

Bed Bugs

If you're a homeowner or landlord, take advantage of our free bedbug inspections. Badger, our certified bedbug-detecting dog, will check each part of your home or multi-family apartment building for adult bedbugs and eggs. Bedbugs spend most of their time hiding in inaccessible crevices, so they're difficult to detect and treat. When bedbugs come out to feed, look for small reddish-brown insects that are shaped like apple seeds. Residents may notice irritating bites and unusual smells caused by these pests.


Few pests are as destructive and difficult to control as termites. These wood-destroying insects creep into homes from the ground upwards. Because they feed on cellulose deep within boards and beams, the damage often goes unnoticed until it's too late. If your home is infested, you might notice swarms of flying termites in the spring or see mud tubes that sprawl across foundations and exterior walls. To avoid problems, have the professionals at F&W Pest Control inspect your home and install Sentricon bait stations under the ground.


In Sherborn, the fragmented woodlands and suburban communities mean that residents often encounter wild animals around their homes. Local backyards create ideal habitats for rodents, skunks, raccoons, woodchucks and opossums. There's always a chance that they will burrow under your home, invade your garage or sneak into your attic. The greatest risk is that wild animals might carry diseases like rabies and distemper that endanger adults, children and pets. That's why you should never attempt to remove a wild animal on your own.

About F&W Pest Control

Whether you're worried about termites, wild animals or indoor pests, our professionals understand the concerns that our customers have about their family's health and well-being. At F&W Pest Control, we offer effective, up-to-date services that control pests without harming your family or the environment. Since 1943, four generations of our family have worked to keep local homes and businesses free from pests. To request a free quote or to schedule a service visit, call our office in Framingham. We offer convenient appointments Monday through Saturday.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

We provide services throughout Suffolk County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Essex County, Bristol County, and Providence County.


Call F&W for help with Pest Control, Termite Control, Bed Bug Elimination, or Wildlife problems at (888) 712-0429 or use our email form and contact us today!

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