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With an area of more than 15.2 square miles, Southborough, Massachusetts, is a small city that is located to the west of Framingham, Massachusetts, and throughout the last 10 years, the city's population has grown by at least 8 percent. Since 2011, the average value of the city's homes increased by more than 16 percent. If you reside in Southborough, Massachusetts, you can visit the Hopkinton State Park, the Callahan State Park and the Upton State Forest. The city is also close to Interstate 495, the Worcester Regional Airport and the Logan International Airport.

The City's Climate

The area features a continental climate, but Southborough, Massachusetts, has relatively high levels of humidity and receives approximately 52 inches of rain during each year. In the summer, the city has an average temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


The city contains lakes with a cumulative size of less than 2 square miles, and the creeks and the streams allow mosquitoes to thrive throughout the summer months. Our business offers a service plan that could stop mosquitoes from infesting a customer's yard. We may utilize effective sprays that will deter the mosquitoes, and by adding a compound to stagnant water, we can ensure that mosquitoes will not lay eggs in the water.

Bed Bugs

If bed bugs have entered a house, a homeowner may notice red marks that are associated with itching and moderate swelling; however, some bed bugs do not cause welts. Once the insects remain in a room for more than two months, an individual may also see old exoskeletons and numerous shells. When you choose our services, we can generally perform multiple inspections, use heat treatments in various sections of the room and place contaminated items in bags. Sometimes, our experts will also bring an experienced dog that can smell the bedbugs.

Wasps and Hornets

These insects regularly create nests that are situated underneath gardens, or the nests may be located in trees, shrubs, the boards of a home or roofs. Wasps build nests that consist of chewed wood and saliva, and the nests usually have numerous thick layers and hexagonal openings. If wasps or hornets have invaded a house, our experts can use an effective spray and place dust on the nest. Subsequently, we will safely remove the nest and seal the openings that allowed the wasps to enter the house.


Multiple reports have shown that more than 50 species of termites are found in the United States, and generally, termites search for moist soil and cellulose that is relatively soft. During an inspection, our specialists will evaluate the location of the group, determine the number of termites in a home and find subterranean burrows that the insects have created. The experts can leave bait for the bugs, and eventually, numerous insects will give the bait to other termites in the group. Subsequently, our business can create barriers that will stop termites from creating tunnels underneath a home.

Requesting an Evaluation

When you visit our company's website, you may chat with a helpful expert, and once you schedule a free inspection, our business can evaluate damage that bugs have caused, describe behaviors that are associated with certain bugs and examine strategies that our business may use. Our company may also offer a free estimate and indicate the duration of the services.

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We provide services throughout Suffolk County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Essex County, Bristol County, and Providence County.


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