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Waltham has a rich history that attracts people to live and work here. The city was officially recognized in 1876, and many of the original structures are still standing. This is an attractive feature for people who appreciate the old buildings, and they make great backdrops for a photograph. However, they also contain materials that are attractive to different kinds of pests, and infestations can quickly spread to nearby homes and businesses. Our company specializes in detecting and eliminating these critters from your property before they become a nuisance.

Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest protection helps homeowners avoid the problems that come with an infestation. The pests can enter your home without being noticed, and this can pose a health hazard for your family. Children and elderly members of the family may get sick in some cases. This can be avoided if you recognize the early warning signs of an infestation. Examples include pellets of feces, corpses, egg sacs and webs. Small pests will often become a source of food for larger pests, so you should always eliminate any small insects from your home as soon as possible.

Our professional residential pest control can eliminate the following pests:

Commercial Pest Services

Business owners need to be extremely careful when handling a pest infestation. There is a lot at stake for enterprises who get infested, and this can undermine the organization’s ability to remain in business in some cases. The infestation should be handled with discretion, but it also needs to be effective. Our commercial pest service professionals understand where pests can build their nests undetected within a commercial building. This can include areas that are out of view. Our commercial property inspectors can find any nests that are hiding on your property, and we eliminate them as fast as possible. This is a critical service that can help you to avoid the damages to your reputation as well as your bottom line. Contact our company at the first sign of any pest infestation for the best results.

We specialize in detecting and removing pests from many types of commercial properties:

F&W Pest Control

Pest control services can help you to enjoy a high quality of life as a resident of Waltham. It can also protect your business from incurring fines and other penalties as a result of a pest infestation. We work hard to serve every customer in Waltham. Our service providers are experienced professionals who understand where these pests hide and build their nests. We can detect and eliminate them from your property. Call us for a free service quote.

We also provide services in Suffolk County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Providence County, Essex County, and Bristol County.


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