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Westborough is a small town in the eastern part of Massachusetts. It is bisected by several rivers, and there is a swamp located in the vicinity. The climate brings a warm and humid summer to the area, and the combination of heat and moisture inevitably attracts pests. Once they breed in these areas, they often migrate to places where people live and work. This is why the summer months are notorious for introducing pest infestations into homes and commercial buildings. The difficulty in detecting and exterminating them leads people to call our company for professional assistance. We can eradicate these pests from any kind of building so that you can focus on the important things in life. However, we do offer different types of treatments for residential and business properties.

Residential Pest Control, Westborough

Homeowners need to be concerned about pest infestations in this are to protect the health and safety of family members, but there is also a threat to the structure of the home as well. Some pests are capable of damaging the foundation areas of the home, which are incredibly expensive to repair. For example, termites can destroy some of the foundation of the building when they use moist wood for nesting materials or food. Rodents can chew into the wiring deep within the building, and the damage might not be covered by your home insurance policy. Our service providers understand the early warning signs of a pest infestation, and we can quickly act to eliminate this threat from your property. Contact us if you have any questions about our residential pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control, Westborough

Businesses in this area can face additional challenges if there is a pest infestation on the property. The reputation of the company could be put at risk, for example. If there is an inspection on the premises, and pests are found, additional fines or fees could be added to the cost. It can be difficult to recover from these types of setbacks, so always make sure to take action as soon as possible after you realize that there is a pest infestation. Our service professionals have eliminated pests from many types of commercial buildings, and this includes warehouses, offices, hospitals, restaurants, small businesses and other industrial facilities. We understand how to perform the work without risking your reputation in the process. Our service products are also designed to protect the health and safety of humans, and this assurance comes from the EPA’s own approval. We use environmentally friendly products that are effective. We can answer any questions you have about our process.

F&W Pest Control

Our service professionals understand how to detect pest infestations even when they are going on in hidden places within the building. We use the latest tools and techniques to find their nests and eliminate them from the property. Our pest control experts understand how to identify each pest correctly, and this information is used to determine the location of their nests. Each type of insect or pest will have a preference on where they build their colonies. The ability to correctly identify these pests contributes to the overall inspection of the property. Once we determine the actual type of pest, it is much easier to locate the source of the infestation at the root. For a free quote, just contact our friendly service representatives today.

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