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With a small-town appeal, Weston is the perfect place to live for those who prefer to avoid the noise and pollution of the city. The warm summers and cold winters attract people who enjoy everything that each season has to offer, but the climate also attracts several pests that can cause a range of problems. Pests are the most active during the spring and summer months, and you will need to take steps to protect yourself unless you want to be the next target. If you need a team on which you can depend, F&W Pest Control will come to the rescue, serving homeowners and businesses.

General Pest Control

Bed Bugs

When your No. 1 goal is to protect your home or office from common invaders, learning about bed bugs is a great place to start. These insects are small and have flat bodies, but they become round after they consume a fresh meal. They can hitch a ride on your clothes or in your bags, getting into your home before you know it. Over the past few years, bed bugs have become immune to many of the at-home solutions that you can buy from the store. Also, they are great at hiding and staying out of sight, so getting rid of bed bugs by yourself won't be a simple task.


When termites opt to invade a home or place of business, they will immediately get to work consuming wood and damaging the structural integrity of your building. With straight antennae, a thick waist and short legs, termites are easy to spot. If you don’t stop termites at the early stage of the infestation, they can force you to pay expensive repair bills. These pests can spread and will be out of hand by the time that most people notice them, making termites hard to manage.


Bats, squirrels, raccoons and other types of wildlife are common in Weston and the other parts of Massachusetts, and these destructive pests can put you and your property in danger. They can damage your home, create safety hazards and transmit harmful pathogens as they search for food and shelter. Even if you don't think that wildlife will invade your property or disrupt your life, staying vigilant is a smart move that you won't want to overlook. You will be able to notice an invasion at the start, giving you a lot more time to respond to the threat.

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Because it has years of experience and tons of positive reviews, many people turn to F&W Pest Control for their pest control needs. Not only does the team have the knowledge and equipment necessary to get the job done, but they also care about each client who seeks their help. Whether you need commercial or residential pest control services, our team promises to get the job done right. We encourage anyone who has questions or concerns to reach out to us, and we are standing by the phone to take your call.

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