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The spring and summer months in Westwood are the most common times for pests to appear. Warm temperatures, rainfall and humidity make a favorable habitat for seasonal insects as well as pests that thrive all year in Massachusetts. Property owners must be vigilant for pests and treat an infestation quickly.

General Pest Control

Ants, cockroaches, silverfish and spiders are common indoor invaders beyond spring and summer. Ants and cockroaches are in search of crumbs or poorly sealed food containers. They contaminate food supplies. Spiders are predators, which means that an indoor spider infestation is a sign of another insect infestation. Silverfish are commonly seen in bathtubs and sinks. These dusty pests are known to chew holes in clothing and paper products. The following pests are especially common in Westwood.

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are brown-colored parasitic pests. One of the first signs of a bedbug problem is itchy red skin bumps. They are usually in a straight line. There may be dirt-like excrement on furniture and sheets, and some people notice small smudges of blood on their pajamas or bedding. Bedbugs are round and have tiny bodies that are as flat as a sheet of paper. The pests also have a durable exoskeleton. They are especially resilient because of their flat bodies, exoskeletons and ability to survive up to 30 days without blood. Bedbugs are spread in hotels, schools and nearly anywhere else on clothing or luggage.


Termites are usually attracted to rotting tree bark, wood landscaping mulch or piles of firewood outdoors. They may venture into homes through small mud tubes. They make these tubes along foundation walls outdoors, and the structures are about as thick as a pencil. Piles of wings that were shed by swarmers, bubbled wood or visible swarms of termites are signs of an infestation. The pests are elusive and often start destroying foundation beams under homes when they first enter. They may also destroy furniture, wallpaper, documents and textiles. Many people confuse termites with ants. However, termites have symmetrical wings while ants have asymmetrical wings. Also, termites have thicker bodies while ants have distinct segments. Since termites can cause thousands of dollars in damages quickly, they should be removed immediately.


Possums and raccoons are common wildlife pests in the area. Raccoons have banded tails and dark patches around their eyes. Possums have smaller noses and rounded ears like mice. They also have long thin tails but are much larger than mice. Both pests enter properties and find poorly sealed garbage containers. They may live under porches. Both pests are known to attack when provoked and should not be approached. Possums and especially raccoons are known carriers of rabies. Skunks are also common in the area and can carry rabies.

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