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The low temperatures and frigid air of winters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island make it a prime target for pest infestations. When cold weather sets in, and outdoor food sources become scarce, insects and other pests prefer to take up residence indoors where it’s warm. Insects often hide out in attics and walls over the winter and then lay eggs in the spring.

Whether you have bats in the attic, spiders in the crawlspace, roaches under the floorboards or raccoons residing in the shed, F&W services all types of residential and commercial pest infestations. Commercial properties include food and beverage, healthcare facilities, schools, child care, office buildings, multi-family housing and many more. From the common ant to mosquitos, bed bugs, termites and wildlife such as skunks, raccoons and rodents, any type of pest infestation needs to be handled quickly and efficiently.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny pests that hide in cracks and crevices of mattresses, box springs, headboards and footboards. They have flat oval-shaped bodies and small wings that don’t fully develop into wings that function. Adults are brown, but they can turn red after feeding. Evidence of their presence can be seen on bedding and mattresses. Because of their small size, and the fact that they can be transported into un-infested areas, they are very hard to eliminate without professional help. F&W uses a series of treatments and re-inspections to be certain they are completely exterminated. They also use a bed bug dog to sniff out infestations.


Any structure with wood is susceptible to termite infestations. Termites are tiny creatures with thick waists, short legs and straight antennae. If they have wings, the wings are the same length in front and back. Termites do shed their wings, so look for discarded wings around windowsills and other entry spots as a sign of infestation. Subterranean termites have underground nests and make mud tubes to enter a house. Drywood termites nest inside of the wood, and they don’t come in contact with soil or make mud tubes. F&W tackles termite infestations with a step-by-step process that involves setting a trap with bait and monitoring the stations.


From skunks and squirrels to raccoons, bats and birds, any type of wildlife can cause damage or disease when allowed to come in contact with a home or business. Bats, usually found in attics, can carry rabies and lung disease. They have small bodies, large ears and black or tan fur. The types typically found in residential areas include little brown bats, big brown bats and Mexican free-tailed bats. Along with being unsightly, bird droppings can carry and spread disease. Skunks seek shelter under decks and sheds where they can cause trouble and destruction. They have been known to eat pet food, dig in trash cans and carry rabies.

Family-owned and operated, F&W Pest Control has been servicing the greater Boston metro area for more than 65 years. Our certified technicians and home advisors use technology-driven and environmentally responsible methods to rid homes and businesses of pest infestations. In addition to traditional pesticides, F&W offers structural change suggestions as well as mechanical exclusion and biological control strategies. Contact F&W for a free phone quote or home inspection. Same day and emergency service are available.

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