Wrentham, MA Pest Control

Household pests in Wrentham, MA enjoy creature comforts as much as humans do, and they never let up on their attempts to get into your home where they can share your food, warmth and water. Mosquitos are the exception because they attack you personally when you are outdoors, but ants and roaches invade your private space. Spiders are like nature’s pest control because they eat cockroaches and usually cause no harm.

Finding a Pest Infestation

Warm summer days allow pests to thrive outdoors, but termites start looking for a place indoors to establish a new colony in the spring. Infestations are common during pest season. Bed bugs usually come into your home inside of used furniture, something that you bring in from a yard sale or in your luggage after a hotel stay. Rats can enter your home through space the size of a quarter. Two common goals that pests share is that they want permanent residency in your home, and they are nearly impossible for you to remove by yourself.

Understanding Our Services

At F&W Pest Control, we serve both residential and commercial properties in Wrentham, MA. The 4th generation of our family-owned and -operated business offers a free phone quote or home inspection for your convenience. We have served the community since 1943 with honest and reliable pest control, and we provide amenities that allow us to meet your needs. When you need emergency or same day service, we can provide it, and we never charge extra for evening or weekend appointments when you need them.

Bed Bugs

Tinier than the head of a match, bed bugs can disrupt your ability to sleep. Bites on your skin and blood smears on your linens are signs of infestation. Our Home Advisors inspect your home and recommend a treatment plan. We execute the plan that eliminates the infestation during a four-week period, and your Home Advisor returns to check on your premises twice to guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction.


The wood-eating insect needs the warmth of spring days to start swarming and forming a new colony of thousands. Some insurance companies may reject coverage of the damage that termites cause. Our treatment program has a three-pronged approach that eradicates them. We set and bait traps so that we can monitor them for termite activity. Our extermination method allows the termites to take the bait to the colony and eliminate the egg-producing queen.


Inexpensive poisons may tempt you to eradicate the rats in your home, but the result may greatly disappoint you. Rats find a place to die in private, usually between the walls of your home, and the stench is completely intolerable. Our trained staff conducts an inspection and develops a rodent control program to safely and hygienically remove the disease carrier from your premises.

Our customers choose us for our consistently reliable and professional service of more than 65 years, and we stand behind our reputation. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau confirms the quality of our service to the community. Call F&W Pest Control to rid your home of termites, bed bugs, rats and all pests.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

We also provide services in Suffolk County, Worcester County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Essex County, and Bristol County.


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